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Top 10 ways to earn money online

Money has been a major driving force in our current society. Sometimes its influence can be harmful and at other times it can be beneficial. They say that money does not bring happiness, yes that is true. However, remind yourself this “how many of your future goals revolve around finance?” Probably a lot, wouldn’t you say?

Making a little cash on the side will not hurt and it can also help you out of tough situations. With the introduction of the internet, the prospect to make money has become significantly easier.Online platforms present a multitude of opportunities where people simply earn money by watching video.

So, we have accumulated 10 ways on how to earn money free:

1. Freelancing

The best way to earn some quick bucks online, granted you have the appropriate skills. Websites and platforms are abundant where freelancing is supported. You can apply for a range of jobs like:

  • Content Writing
  • Video Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Data Entry
  • Developer

These would be the most popular ones, but if you dive in deep you can find a diverse variety.

Going in, you might not get a lot of money but with time and experience, this aspect will surely rise.

2. Online Surveys

This is a very delicate area with scammers running rampant however, there are genuine companies too. Now the important thing to consider while approaching this market is proper filtration and research has to be done before moving forward. After you have landed on an authentic company, you can earn anywhere between 50 to 500 rupees per day. Generally depends on the way the system is operated, each survey could vary in monetary value.

3. Online gaming portals

This trend has been a recent one and yet has caught on like wildfire. Many platforms like Dream 11 and My11Circle are attracting users in their fun-filled sports events and match predictions. These are mostly based on luck and sports knowledge. After finalizing an ideal team, based on individual performances in the respective match points are rewarded that can be converted into real cash. The catch here is you will have to invest some amount to bank out money with prizes varying from 5 rupees to 5 crore. These are available on mobile app stores. All you need to do is download app and earn money.

4. Social media

Yes, I’m talking the platforms where you probably spend most of your time. You must have already noticed big brands and companies posting relevant content constantly to maintain online relevancy. These companies are always on the lookout for social media expansion by targeting a bigger network. If you have a big network on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. you can always reach out to these companies and they also pay a very good amount for this.

5. Card games

Companies organizing online card tournaments are gaining popularity among people. The tournaments include games such as Rummy Circle, Ace2Three, PokerBaazi, etc. Generally revolving around Rummy and Poker where players play in tournaments against other live players for virtual or real cash. These games don’t fall under gambling (considered in an offense) since there is skill involved in it and are protected by law. The best part about these games is that they are available on mobile app stores. An app to earn money can’t get better than that.

6. Live quiz games

The concept of “Who wants to be a Millionaire” is applied by various online quiz platforms offering real money. The game show happens in real-time and as the round progresses the questions get harder. Finally, in the end, the grand prize money will be split amongst the remaining winners. The winnings could range from 5-5000 rupees based on the number of remaining players. But the point here is you can earn money by playing quiz with zero investment.

7. Affiliate marketing

When people start a business or a service, the more users they garner the better. This is where affiliate marketing comes in. If you have a strong presence on social media sites or YouTube you can make money by sharing the client’s business. A link that directs the users to the client website is provided, and when users purchase anything through the link a certain percentage of the profit is shared with you. Good marketing skills will also come in handy when approaching this method.

8. Tutoring

With digitalization taking center stage, many regular processes have also gone online an example being tutoring. Many e-learning platforms provide the opportunity for part-time involvement as a tutor. If you think you are good at a particular subject and you can transfer your knowledge effectively, they take a shot at this. Companies pay good money for this and in return, you need to spend an hour or two at the most.

9. Translators

Are you fluent in different languages written as well as oral? Then you can make some money being a translator. Digital content has started to take on a global presence and with diversity in the air, translators are crucial. The most common type of translations is required in video subtitles and text documents. Payments can vary based on the popularity of the language, toughness of it, and size of the project.

10. Blogging

Everyone knows to read and write, everybody has opinions, experience, stories, etc. Convert them into a blog and you can make some good profits off of it. Blogging is more of a passion converted into profits than anything else. You can run ads or campaign for the monetary aspect. If proper attention and respect are given to it, you can easily reap your rewards.

Most of the methods mentioned above are short term or long term money sources.Each method has its own merits and demerits, so carefully chose your pick.

“How to earn money from app?” is a fundamental question that is bluntly thrown out. With sufficient knowledge and smart decision making you can easily earn money from home at any point in time. Such is the reach and appeal of the internet.