//The concept of earning online: Explained
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The concept of earning online: Explained

The world economy is facing a setback due to the COVID-19 pandemic, creating turbulence in almost every economic sector. Local businesses and the corporate sector are facing an unexpected halt, which is adversely affecting the means of earning a dramatic number of people. More and more people are now looking for alternative means to increase their financial inflow. Let’s get productive in this lockdown and utilize this free time to create sources of earning online.

Earning money is not always offline”

When the topic of “earning money” comes, most of us associate it with traditional “offline” forms of making money. Thus, a potential means of earning online remains unrealized. 

Earning money online has always been a controversial topic. Earning through the internet has always been associated with a stereotype of being a scam and an open invitation to cyber frauds. However, the reality is entirely different! The Internet is much more than entertainment. Most of us fail to realize the money-making potential of the internet and prefer sticking to offline means.

In this lockdown, let’s utilize the online platforms and realize the potential of the cyber world to create sources of earning online. In this blog, we will redefine the concept of earning online and ways of how to earn money free.

Earning through applications

Getting money for downloading an app! It seems fascinating, doesn’t it? There are several applications on the app store where you can download the app and earn money. You can earn by taking market surveys, writing content, reviewing the app, completing missions, etc. You can start earning by signing up with some basic information.

Apps like iPoll allow you to earn cash by taking surveys. Each survey takes 10-15 minutes to complete, which is not much. Once you have $35 in your account, you can withdraw the money. The app is free. The app asks for brief information to generate relevant surveys for you. You just need to download and sign in to the app to earn money.

You can also earn through apps by swiping advertisements! This doesn’t sound real but it’s true. Apps like Slidejoy pay you for putting advertisements on your Android device. You can slide left, right, or up to open, dismiss, or see a new card respectively. The app pays you $5 to $15 per month, which is not much but still, you are getting paid for nothing!

Earn money by watching videos

Getting paid just for watching videos! That’s what the money-making potential of the internet is! The Internet has several companies that pay you for watching videos online. These companies include Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, Nielsen Digital Voice, and many more.

Apps like Timebucks pay you $1 for every YouTube video watched. They also offer a chance of winning a $250 weekly prize. You just need a Smartphone or a laptop and you can earn money for free.

Get paid for taking quizzes

Who doesn’t like getting extra money and getting it for absolutely nothing is the icing on the cake. You can earn money by playing quiz. These quizzes are easy, quick, and fun. Just grab your Smartphone and get started.

These quizzes can draw a large volume of traffic. The apps also conduct live quizzes, which are hosted by famous anchors.

Playing games can be a source of earning

Who doesn’t like playing games! Laying on the couch and playing games is the best way to relax from a hectic life. But do you know games can fetch you money? Getting money for what you love- what’s more, fascinating than this, isn’t it?

With the correct platform, you too can this. Several games on the internet create a source of earning for you. There is no need for buying a gaming console. You just need to grab your Smartphone or laptop and you can start earning.

Websites like Swagbucks include certain tasks and mission which you need to complete and you are paid for every task you complete. You can participate in daily promotional games and win cash and other exciting prizes. WithInboxDollars, you can earn up to $10 in the beginning, which keeps progressing with time.

Reasons behind why companies pay you for taking online surveys

You might have seen salesmen and surveyors with pamphlets asking you to fill the form and answer the questions mentioned in the survey. But how many of us are interested in taking those surveys? If any of the salesmen comes our way asking to take a survey, we just ignore and pass by him.

Maintaining public relations and getting updates from the customers is hard but important. This is the key reason why companies resort to paid online surveys. Conducting paid surveys enables companies to engage with potential customers and take their valuable feedbacks.

Paid services are necessary for getting feedbacks and quality control. The companies are willing to know whether their products are liked by the customers and the polling about the preference of competitor products over their products. Paid surveys are successful in grabbing the customer’s interest and drawing traffic on the website.

Not all apps are a source of earning

“Don’t be a victim”

Through the internet exhibits a great potential for generating sources of income, not all the apps claiming to pay you money is genuine. Internet is inundated with apps that are scams and searching for prey. These apps will ask you to register by paying a certain amount of registration fee.

A large number of apps create fake traffic on their websites or deploy computers for playing. You will rarely win against these computers and but you will never know that your opponent is a computer-operated player.

Be very sure about the authenticity of the app by checking the reviews. If you sense anonymous reviews, prefer not using such apps.

We all have a lot of free time in this lockdown. Let’s use this time to get some extra money by generating alternative sources of income. The Internet is the most powerful tool which we have in our hands. With some simple tricks, you can create a source of earning for yourself. But you should be attentive enough to sense if the app is a scam. Be smart and utilize this potential for getting the best out of it.