//Earn money by playing a quiz
Earn money by playing a quiz

Earn money by playing a quiz

If you are passionate about reading and answering quizzes, then this is a great opportunity for you to make some extra money. Now you can earn money online by sharing your knowledge from different fields. This way you can earn huge amounts by dedicating your time and knowledge into something you like doing. It can be more exciting for people who love challenges. Mind you, you need to be very good at answering questions to earn money from home without any investment.

Remember there are many fraudulent apps and websites that are not genuine, and you might get stuck into a scam, especially those who ask you for money during the registration process. Stay away from such apps and learn about the legitimate ones like Earnezy that will offer you money over the completion of tasks and earning points.  

In this article, we will talk about the best app to earn money free.

What is Earnezy?

Earnezy is a free app to earn money online. In this app you can not only play games and earn your cash prize but also do different activities that will let you earn money online. There are many quizzes, games, shopping stores, and other alluring ways which increases the customers’ engagement and they continue being loyal customers.

The current hot deal available on the app is of bulk groceries for 10 items for just 700. Head on to the Earnezy website to learn more about the offers available! The app keeps updating offers from time to time so make sure you keep a daily check on it.

How does Earnezy work?

Earnezy is a free signup app which means you do not have to pay money to become a user of this platform. Instead of signup, you get 50/- rupees bonus transferred in your wallet. It is one of those rare apps that instead of charging you money pay you instead. That is a great way to start and keep the customer fixed to the app.

You can earn money by playing quiz on this app where you will be asked questions from different fields including sports, lifestyle, food, current affairs, news, media and so much more. You can choose your specific category and start with the quiz. The app has multiple ways to earn money

  • Share products and Earn: Here you will be asked to share any product around your social group and earn money. The more you share, the better you earn.
  • Shop and Earn: Did you ever think shopping and earning can be done simultaneously? Well on Earnezy you can do both and earn money online from home.
  • Play games and Earn: If you are a gaming enthusiast and enjoy playing games then Earnezy is a great platform where you can play and earn. Play interesting games and win some amazing deals.
  • Complete tasks: Except for playing trivia and quizzes, there are certain tasks such as sharing links and services, watching videos, promoting things, etc that are provided by the app which lets you earn money.
  • Refer and Earn: This is a great way to make huge amounts of money. You refer the app to your friends and family and for every sings up you get 20/- rupees credited in your wallet.

You can also earn prizes by just doing a daily check-in and watch some videos or read news and articles. The app is constantly adding new tasks that will allow you to have more options to earn money. Either it is to earn money by playing a game or earn money by sharing links. It is by far one of the simplest ways to earn money.

The app is also affiliated with some huge stores that offer great deals such as big basket, Flipkart, Axis bank, Bata, Shop Clues, BIBA, Book my show, Hometown, etc. The app also has many interactive elements such as in-app purchases. With every new update, there are new features and tasks offered for the customer. It is a great way to earn money online in India.

30,000+ total customers are using this app. 100,000+ linked shares, 1000 games played, and 1,000,000+ withdrawals which means redeeming your price by turning your earned points into cash. The Earnezy app is very famous on google app store and boasts 4.1 stars and multiple positive reviews from customers. The total size of the app file is 13MB.

Remember that this app works on points. Many apps directly give you the cash but earnestly rewards you with points. Every time you complete a task online the app will reward you with points that will get stored into your earnezy wallet. The more you engage in different activities on this app, the more points you will end up earning. You can keep collecting as long as you want and redeem the prize and withdraw the cash.

But there is a policy which says that once you have touched the 500/- rupees mark you can withdraw those points and the amount will be directly transferred into your bank account hassle-free.

So, if you are looking to earn money online from apps where you do not invest anything and earn money easily then earnezy is the place for you. This app will provide you with the best games, quizzes, videos, tasks which are not only interesting but also rewarding. Get ready to earn money from home.

Mobile users can register through the Earnezy app whereas desktop users can register directly from the website and fill-up the form given there.  Head on to your google play store now and download the app for free or just visit the official website of Earnezy and register yourself to become a customer of this website.